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User Info: Thaistik

2 years ago#1
I would love a remastering of Jade empire or how about a sequel! The original was awesome ,love the Kung fu setting. Does anyone this there's a chance? I seems doubtful:(
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User Info: Thaistik

2 years ago#2
Dragon age looks awesome but jade empire would be sweet! No one else agree?
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User Info: Eamon696

2 years ago#3
I wouldn't be opposed to it, as I never got around to finishing JE.

I would rather see Bioware focus on DA:I, ME4, and their new IP however.
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User Info: Thaistik

2 years ago#4
I didn't know they are working on a new ip is there any info yet by chance?
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User Info: JoeSkeletor

2 years ago#5
I would love a sequel or an HD remake with trophy support i loved the original.
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User Info: Geist

2 years ago#6
The game play was awesome, but I truly disliked the story and setting. I am conflicted on this one. But for your sake TC I hope they make one.
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User Info: the_old_days

2 years ago#7
Really? I thought the complete opposite. To me, the gameplay was too simplistic, but I loved the setting.

Well, maybe not too simplistic, but all the combat seemed too easy. I can't remember if the game had difficulty settings or not, maybe I should dig that one out again.
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