Ground Zeroes Exclusive Missions Will Be Available To All For Free

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Sweeet another 10 minutes of gameplay.
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Can't come up with anything good for dlc, unlock disc locked content.

Yay kojima

Mad about the PS4 version being better, insult the developers.

Yay xbots

Wait are we back to defending kojima now for being a greedy bastard?:P

You mean free DLC is greed?

Oh wait, you think Kojima is Konami, right? You think a corporation is a person, and you think it created MGS under the guise of Kojima? How quaint!

Pro-tip: Kojima makes the games, he doesn't price them.

Pro-tip, hes the vice f'n president of konami digital.

He has a say in everything.
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TheeLeeham posted...
Sweeet another 10 minutes of gameplay.

I Lol'D, All they have to do now is drop the price to $15 and bring the free missions to NA and I'm in. Still not paying $30 for a Demo, or was it $40? I forgot
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The Xbox One & 360 version did not sell as well we the PS3/4 versions. MGS will sell much better on Sony systems and Konami is trying to entice people to stay.

They already know where they will they will get the vast majority of their sales.

Nice completely irrelevant post, bro.