Microsoft's first mistake this gen - Slowing down Xbox One production

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By May, PS4 will be at 8 million sold to consumers, while Xbox One still hovering around 4-4.5 sell through. At this rate, 2-1 worldwide advantage is coming a lot sooner than you might think, we are already almost there.

With no notable April releases and moving back to $500, Xbox One will struggle to hit 150k in April NPD. At this rate they won't sell their stock until after the summer.

Meanwhile, Sony will continue to ship as many as possible. They are still very short on stock outside the US. By November, it's not too crazy to think Sony has shipped 15+ million units in it's first year.

Actually, going by PS4's current trending, and how much of sales boost consoles usually get during the Holidays, 18 Million looks like the right number by this year's end.
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Microsoft have made amazing moves this gen, but this is the first mistake I sadly have to admit that they have made. Why would they want to slow down production? When the next PS4 sales report is in it will look BAD if they don't have millions of shipped sales.

Imagine when the PS4 hits 10 million in a few months and MS says "Well we are 6 million shipped now, yeah we slowed down production and are still clearing the Day One Editions off the shelves"


If anything they should RAISE production, f***ing flood even convenience stores with Xbox Ones whether they sell or not. That way when Sony says "We have sold 10 million PS4s to consumers", MS will say "Well we have the money to ship 14 million Xbox Ones this year, and we did!"

Well out of the 5 million units shipped Xbox One has sold 4.2 million. 200,000 Units since they started the sales and bundles for titanfall and forza. I'm sure 800,000 units will last plenty on shelves. Just a big mess. They need better PR. Every other thing they come out saying digs them a deeper hole. Just announce a $100 price drop sell remaining units and work on a slim model that at least matches the ps4s power and capabilities. Id be more worried at this point about the consumers jumping ship. About 30 of my friends on ps4 now were on the 360 last gen. Microsoft done goofed.

They can't just come one with a new model that's more powerful. what are they going to do when the models that they already sold can't run the newer games down the line. that's like a lawsuit waiting to happen.
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I swear some of you that are posting seriously are Chevelle alts. I'm ignoring every single person that takes this topic seriously.
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SIgh.. TC's name is my favorite band, but his posting does them no justice.
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Lol at posts #16, 17, 18, 19. It's like one alt after another.

Edit: I just realized I'm already blocking 2 messages so my numbers are probabaly wrong.
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Lol at posts #16, 17, 18, 19. It's like one alt after another.

Edit: I just realized I'm already blocking 2 messages so my numbers are probabaly wrong.

Yeah, let's just ignore the reality of MS slowing down production of X1 and what it signifies >.>
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Sony is still struggling to meet demand, MS is now cutting down production because there is no demand. I bet all these so called people in various other countries PS4 is in are pissed there's all those X1s they're planning on buying en masse (sarcasm)

OMG that the best cringed ever!!
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Lot of butthurt posters here who can't handle facts.
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Fist mistake this gen? lol

I'm not sure this is the FIRST MISTAKE THIS GEN
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