I spend more time updating, installing games and downloading GBs of patches than

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Honestly I experienced the same thing as TC. I can't let the Xbone bogard my internet, because other people have to use it and I unplug it when I'm not using it. If you don't have high speed cable, logging into a several GB download is going to take a few hours. Patches and updates were never that big last gen for console systems. Few MB tops for a game update, and new firmware updates were like 200mb or so.
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The updates are the same deal with PS4 from what I heard, so you can't really single out the Xbone for having gargantuan patches and updates.
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Wait so you mean to tell me games are getting patched how dare those devs fix the game
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When I first bought my Xbone, I was frustrated at all the updating required. Updating and installing I was sure the name Xbox One referred to the amount of minutes you get to play on the first day you bought the console, but since then the updates aren't that bad. I had a 500mb Forza update earlier which only took 5 minutes to download, not even that.
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bossk5 posted...
Let's see that gamertag TC. I only ask because it seems odd that someone who trolled the 360 board so feverishly last gen would have such a change of heart and buy the One.

Hmmm I don't know the answer to this because I have yet to notice this TC. But if bossk5 is right, then the TC is never going to answer this.
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He is clearly a troll or he would've known about instant on which downloads for you when it's off.
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