Yahoo News: Microsoft may halt X1 production as inventory piles up

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"...Although the Xbox One’s success has been repeatedly overshadowed by the dominance of the PlayStation 4, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood hinted in a recent earnings call that market saturation for the new console might be approaching sooner than expected. Gamasutra reports that Microsoft shipped 1.2 million Xbox Ones in the third fiscal quarter (January 1st – March 31st), which contributed heavily to the 41% year-over-year increase in revenue for Microsoft’s Devices and Consumer Hardware division. Unfortunately, it appears that those millions of Xbox One consoles aren’t exactly flying off the shelves.

During the earnings call, Hood said that Microsoft “expect[s] to work through some inventory in Q4 [April 1st - June 30th],” mentioning “channel inventory drawdown for Xbox consoles.” From Gamasutra’s perspective, Hood’s statement implies that Microsoft may slow or even stop Xbox One production altogether until demand picks up. We know that the company has shipped 5 million consoles to retailers since launch, but Microsoft hasn’t been as forthcoming with actual end user sales data....."

Not very encouraging news. MS needs to drop kinect and X1 price, FAST
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Been said, fantrolls think it won't happen and it stupid to even be brought up.
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Thank you for posting these news. Perhaps the trolls will manage to fill the whole first page with it.
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At this rate they don't need to ship more consoles until the holidays.
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God relax. The system is selling very well
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In the meantime, Chinese child labors will have a long summer break.
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Everyone stay calm, Xbox Ones are flying off the shelves. Yahoo is just trolling us.
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Game over
OMG that the best cringed ever!!
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Izraeil posted...
At this rate they don't need to ship more consoles until the holidays.

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xHughJasx posted...
God relax. The system is selling very well

>Selling well
>Slowing/Stopping production