Microsoft tries to hide anemic XBOX ONE sales amid lackluster quarterly earnings

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How is Solnot not banned yet?

The same reason kcypher, legend, and chrish909 aren't banned. They're great for bringing traffic to these boards. for bringing traffic to this site. All fanboys and trolls are what keeps these boards alive.

Sad, but true.

Your voice of reason has no place on this board! ;)
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is it me or are they full of spin these can't trust anything they say...theres always a double meaning behind it...and the fanboys answer is always "you should have been better informed"

smh this is not going to end well
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chrish909 posted...
Lackluster? X1 is the third fastest selling console of all time.

To be fair, while I do recognize that Solnot is indeed a troll...your statement really makes no sense simply because what matters more so than sales, is somethings profitability. As an investor, I don't care if the console I invested in sold a billion consoles in the first week, if it isn't generating profits, it's a bust (this goes for any console). Now if the XB1 (or any console) is moving consoles (within the expected projections), then you could sing the praises of success of whatever console it is being discussed.
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If you look at what they are doing, they are taking all of their losses as one big hit. If I had any cash, I would think about investing, but their credit rating is so bad that it makes it difficult. Gamblers' paradise.
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"In 2008 ó a full year after the PS3 had launched, the Xbox 360 was crushing its rival, with 1.44 million consoles shipped that year as compared to just 726,000 PS3s. The PS3 was dead last in game attach rates, it had fewer titles, and it was significantly more expensive. Sony was still losing hundreds of dollars on every console sold. Microsoft had a huge early lead on its rival, even if both were dwarfed by the Wiiís meteoric success. Today, things look a little different."

Whoever wrote that totally missed the point, the ps3 made a comeback because Japan, exclusives, better prices and in the end, it was the most powerful console but only some games could used it. Now the ps4 is cheaper from the beginning, is even more powerful, will have the same amount of support from Japan and more exclusives and better ones than xbox one. So the same facts that made the ps3 good in the end, are present in the ps4, not the xbox one.

If anything, the breach is going to be wider in some years.

No, i'm sad to report that it's actually you that have missed the point. Entirely. By the largest margin possible.
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Lackluster? X1 is the third fastest selling console of all time.

3rd Fastest shipped console to retailers.


Kinda like Pontiac before the auto bailouts forced GM to shut down the brand. Record number of cars 'sold' to dealers. Not many actually sold to consumers, though.
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billOriley posted...
looks like ms is gonna pull an atari and bury the xbones in the dessert when it's all said and done :(

Why would they try to bury it in the dessert?
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Solnot tries to troll XBOX ONE with lackluster mental gymnastics
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I guess they like playing with their food.
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Jedi454 posted...
How is Solnot not banned yet?

How are most of the trolls on this site not banned yet?
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