THIS TIME LAST YEAR what games were you playing(Any Console)

#1W-racecar-MPosted 4/26/2014 6:53:42 AM
The one in my sig & ACIII
#2axelfooley2k5Posted 4/26/2014 6:55:13 AM
i have no idea

maybe last of us.....or bioshock infinite
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#3kennyynnooPosted 4/26/2014 6:57:15 AM
Who knows, probably forza horizon, bioshock.
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#4Foreign ObjectsPosted 4/26/2014 7:01:36 AM
NHL 14 I guess, maybe NHL 13 if 14 wasn't out.
#5DarthUchiha91Posted 4/26/2014 7:03:57 AM
axelfooley2k5 posted...
i have no idea

maybe last of us.....or bioshock infinite

Couldn't be the last of us, that came out last June.

Anyway, Gears of War 3.
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#6mike468Posted 4/26/2014 7:09:23 AM
I'm pretty sure i was playing injustice this time last year. It was released mid April if I recall and I spend quite a bit of time with fighting games.
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#7BryanPS360Posted 4/26/2014 7:40:20 AM
I'm not sure. The newest game I was probably playing at this time last year was Bioshock Infinite. Whatever else I was playing wasn't a 2013 release.
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#82ndAtomiskPosted 4/26/2014 7:48:41 AM
No clue.
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#9PoweredMilkManPosted 4/26/2014 7:49:40 AM
Does ac4 count?
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#10B1GB0SS_86Posted 4/26/2014 7:55:05 AM
Hitman hd collection and hitman absolution.