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Can't see friends but I can do matchmaking in Destiny.Halflifer666112/25 12:35PM
2014 was a horrible year for gaming. Let's hope 2015 is better.
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IceHusky132312/25 12:34PM
xbl down?
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mike4684712/25 12:33PM
For those of you who actually celebrate Xmas how many of you game on Xmas day?thepenguin55812/25 12:33PM
would disney infinity figured from the wii u version of 1.0 worksupermegablox312/25 12:32PM
offline mode questionkenpachi99112/25 12:31PM
Can someone explain to me why XBL is down
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ThunderMuffin1612/25 12:28PM
Stop whining about XBL being down and spend time with your family!
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ssjgohhku2312/25 12:28PM
"There Was A Problem With The Update"!Above Omnipotence312/25 12:24PM
Lovely, i cant get my game saves
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trenken2012/25 12:15PM
Downloading a small cow to be able to play Halo MCCArchangelVino312/25 12:12PM
I rented the interview cant watch now???blingbling078712/25 12:03PM
DoS attacks should be 10 years in jail minimum
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TreGooda1512/25 12:00PM
For the second time in my life, I get a Kinect for Christmas...Solid Sonic312/25 11:54AM
Playing Blu ray's offlineAldoMontoya412/25 11:53AM
I got my brother an Xbone for X-mas with Titanfall and now he can't even play itTheGam3925712/25 11:52AM
Um....where are my saves...???kakorate212/25 11:52AM
Good life/gift giving lesson learned for a lot of people today...JKSonic1012/25 11:50AM
Can't play...addictedtochaos112/25 11:48AM
For those who want to play single player but can't sign in
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Bill44821112/25 11:48AM