Microsauce Studios recruiting for terribly mysterious "Major Gaming Franchise"

#11RockguyKevPosted 4/26/2014 8:31:02 PM
Obviously Phantom Dust. No other game is worthy of such secrecy and wonder.
#12IroncondorzPosted 4/26/2014 9:09:03 PM
My bet is on them rebooting another Rare IP.
#13EnclavePosted 4/27/2014 12:43:22 AM
You're a fool if you think Activision would sell COD, oh wait, forgot this is a HENTAIDOJI theory.
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#14FaithInAllPosted 4/27/2014 12:45:57 AM
I have to admit, I laughed.
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#15TarotXIIIPosted 4/27/2014 12:53:54 AM
The lost odysee successor? I doubt it will be lost odysee 2 because that wouldn't make any sense so it's probably 1 of those similar games. Like alan wake/quantum break.
#16Spetsnaz420Posted 4/27/2014 1:00:01 AM
I hope they do get CoD
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#17TenzhiPosted 4/27/2014 2:28:06 AM
"A *major* gaming franchise", eh? A new Kinect franchise starring Major Nelson!
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#18CaIiber345Posted 4/27/2014 2:41:23 AM
Meanwhile, in other news, someone is somewhere doing something.
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#19CurrentBigThingPosted 4/27/2014 2:57:07 AM
CaIiber345 posted...
Meanwhile, in other news, someone is somewhere doing something.

What!? Are you spying on me?!
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