GS employee claims The Amazing Spiderman 2 has officially been canceled

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This just in, Walmart employee confirms that the XB1 WILL be getting Amazing Spiderman 2 and that it's just been delayed. Woah! What an insider! Check it out!!!!

Dead link guys... Don't trust this poster.
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Activision knows best.
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They'd be saving you $60. It's likely to be an awful game anyway.
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GS employee claims.........

That is when you should have stopped paying attention.

You would actually be surprised by what GS employees get told. I worked there for 3 and half years. And let's face it their website was the first one to show it as being delayed. Not saying the guy is right or anything but when I worked there I found out stuff about games that weren't even announced.
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Wow TC, you look really stupid now.
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Haha people be playing this game on Xbox one :')
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umm its available digitally right now on xbox one...