Cloud = Power of 32 Xbox 360 consoles.

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2 years ago#21
Search bar?
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2 years ago#22
ssjgohhku posted...
But it's suppossed to have infinite power!!??
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2 years ago#23
i thought the power of the cloud was supposed to be infinite?

turns out its only about as powerful as 32 xbox 360's.

i wonder how fast 32 xbox 360's would operate when millions of users are trying to use it?
2 years ago#24
too bad data caps and an average speed of 2mbps nation wide will get in the way.
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2 years ago#25
That is great and all, but how do they plan to get the data back and forth from their 32 360s to the players xbox one? Current internet infrastructure won't cut it. All the processing power in the world wont do a bit of good if your internet connection can't handle that kind of data flow.

THAT is the problem people have with "the cloud". It isn't that the cloud doesn't exist, or doesn't work.. it does, we've known about it for quite a while. It is that there is virtually no viable way to use cloud computing over the internet for the many MANY reasons most skeptics have been saying from the beginning. Cloud computing very well could be the future of gaming.. but it is going to be years and years before it is going to be a viable option. Not to mention that I would prefer my gaming system to have reliable, guaranteed power and performance. I don't want to have to rely on the cloud and whether my internet works at that moment. I don't want to have to wait to play a game because my internet may be down for some reason, or my game disrupted because of lag or a thousand other things on the internet that could affect the connection to the cloud servers.
2 years ago#26
Gambitbuzzkill posted...
I saw this and I'm going to need MS to show me some proof of this.

It's all PR unfortunately. E3 won't change anything.

Closed hardware is closed hardware. That what console still are today. cloud won't magically boost graphics. Only gullible ones think so.
(message deleted)
2 years ago#28
Good news.
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