Unexpectedly got an XB1 for my anniversary!!!

#1NeuralLaxativePosted 4/27/2014 10:58:08 AM
I havent been following the system since i wasn't planning on picking one up till the price dropped. Came with Titanfall and I will of course get BF4 and prob Dead Rising...what else should i pick up/keep on my radar??

Thanks in advance, brothers
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My fiancée and I LOVE Just Dance 4. I don't know if you game with your significant other, but with a couple of drinks in you it is a pretty fun game. Plus you can see other clips of people dancing to the songs hat the Kinect uploads which is a good laugh too.

If that doesn't interest you, AC4 is pretty awesome too and has plenty of content.
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My sincere apologies.

Just kidding, enjoy :)
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If you can pick up Ryse for a good price, that's worth the time.

The next game I'm looking forward to playing on my X1 is the Destiny beta this summer.

Watch_Dogs might be good, tough to tell. But, there's really not much until the fall.

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time for a divorce. she obviously hates you.

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Geez, did you leave the seat up or something?
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You should've gotten a toaster instead.

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Wow, funny how negative some of these comments are. I agree with homeboy about Ryse. I bought it full price and still play it a lot. Tomb Raider is amazing if you haven't played it and Trials Fusion is like an Excite Bike 6.0. However not much is coming out too soon. Try those out and wait for E-3. Congrats on your Xbox One!
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Ryse is just pure combat fun, I highly suggest it.
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