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Hacker war! Anonymous declares war on Lizard Squad for XBL and PSN attacks.
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BushidoEffect311112/28 5:06PM
Serious question: Does the XBO Dashboard have ads?AftComet912/28 5:00PM
Mic glitch?Charocks112/28 4:57PM
You know what Microsoft needs to boost Japanese XB1 sales?
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Spade21X2912/28 4:57PM
at what time EST does the XBL Marketplace Sales webpage update online?The_Big_Deek212/28 4:53PM
Anyone else earning achievements but they don't pop?ssj5goku2005812/28 4:51PM
lol that GTA5 won some awards online for best remastered video game
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NightMareBunny3012/28 4:44PM
Are there any JRPGs coming out other than Final Fantasy?mtKing52412/28 4:42PM
I can't tell if FC4's online is broken or just dead...
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Mcnugget22561112/28 4:16PM
Is this HDD ok for my Xbox One?
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ovattsugkh1112/28 4:09PM
Entire friend list appears offline, can't use parties, game chat doesn't work...
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sonofkorol4512/28 4:08PM
D3:UE on sale. Wurf?coldisgood912/28 4:02PM
Question about Digital Upgrades and "license transfers"IconicSaeros212/28 3:50PM
congratulations xbox1 for providing the better online service thanmewmew42612/28 3:43PM
Can someone explain the hype regarding DirectX 12?
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Jacky112261512/28 3:41PM
game saves and uninstalling gamesresident_evil09912/28 3:41PM
If you complain about video games you are a terrible person.
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Y34RX3R02712/28 3:31PM
Which US State has no Xbox Live Sale Taxs
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Ada-Wong-Fan5712/28 3:28PM
Would you be interested in a new House of the Dead....Nodrog77812/28 3:20PM
Is it possible to get the 360 wireless headset working on XO?Flash-Incentive412/28 2:55PM