So they're actually bringing DRM back?

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It seems like it won't be long before we see games with "Cloud-powered" on the back of the case with a little cloud logo, indicating the game MUST be online at all times to utilize said 'power'. Honestly wouldn't surprise me.

Yes. A game must be online to make use of an online feature. So ridiculous.

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I love the black and white thinking of people on these boards.

Most of the Cloud stuff is AI improvements, lighting improvements etc.

In forza if you internet doesn't work the games AI cars do not come to a stop


are none of you smart enough to think there may be an on/off switch to enable or disable the cloud for the added features, yet the game is still fine without?

Or does that take a bit too much thinking power for most of you?

No, we're smart enough to know that some people will force always online even when it's not necessary in the slightest. For the most recent example, see Sim City 4.

You are mistaking "smart" with paranoia.

It's not paranoia when it's actually happening.
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They have publicly stated numerous times that the DRM plans they had originally are still their main plans and that they have only temporarily taken some minor steps back.
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ITT : TC gets angry that everyone doesn't simply jump on the "Everything MS does is evil and bad" bandwagon and then......goes on attack!.

What in the world are you talking about? Lol
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So when M$ drops cloud support for xbox one in a decade or so then what, tons of $60 blu ray paper weights is all you got left
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Because maybe some of us don't live at home and work for a living and can't afford the internet
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If they are going to do this to singleplayer games, I'd like to know about it asap. That way I'll know I'm going to get a PS4 instead of Xbone. I play my games offline.
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You know what, I'm not going to say anything specific. I just can't wait until they try to unleash the cloud, and I'll watch it from a distance.
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I want a downgraded option without the cloud as a back up. It just needs to be basic and functional.
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Because maybe some of us don't live at home and work for a living and can't afford the internet

Get a better job if getting internet will put you on the streets. Why are you wasting money on next gen systems if your budget is so tight?

Get your priorities straightened out.
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