How do you change user email?

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User Info: ExtremePSP

2 years ago#1
So I switched user email to another as primary. But the thing is, I have to use the same damn pass on that one as well

How the hell does that work if I want to give my xbox one to my brother but dont want him to have my main email adress and knowing my pass? Can't I switch to his so he can have his own pass?

I got tons of digital games on the account, so I have no use for it than to give it to him
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User Info: aszsith

2 years ago#2
As always, coming to a message board to ask an answer that is easily obtainable with a quick search is a far better solution. The waiting for someone to respond with legitimate information coupled with the barrage of useless responses makes the process particularly rewarding.
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User Info: ado982L

2 years ago#3
Hey thanks, I wanted to know this as well, but I was too scared to ask on these boards
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