Felicia Day plays Xbone on Cooptitude and the YouTube comment section melts

#11Golden MavenPosted 4/28/2014 11:17:27 AM
Further evidence that a lot of Sony fanboys have mental distortions which I won't name. I've been playing on PSN for years and know all about them.

They are really easy to troll by the way.
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Joey-Zaza posted...
Call me gullible or na´ve but I get to call you paranoid.

She isn't exactly high up on the food chain of actors/actresses, there's no way she'd be paid to play it.

The only money she's getting from doing this is the youtube channel revenue, even then that may not be true.
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#13xacebopPosted 4/28/2014 11:22:59 AM
I always thought she was hot in the guild.

But after seeing that video I am outraged.
What right does she have to play on anything but a ps4?
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Bring us a flood, and bring it hard.
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That is an outrage!

* does best AL Sharpton face*
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LooksLikeRain posted...

How could a bunch of gaming nerds never watched an episode of the Guild? Respect your craft!
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Horridhal posted...
I didn't care who Felicia Day was prior to this and, amazingly, I don't care who she is after this.

That said I don't believe any celebrity doing anything public, the way this was, wouldn't be getting some kind of money from the company she was showcasing gameplay from. She can say whatever she likes, and had she been playing Playstation my opinion would still be the same.

Reflex-Arc posted...
Joey-Zaza posted...
What did they have to say about that?

You're saying she was harassed because she chose x-box?

Link: http://youtu.be/RDB9lXAUeKg

Felicia Day on Youtube

The comments here from people who are somehow offended that we played a Xbox One game are so ridiculous. We've been playing Playstation games and Nintendo games all over the place. We'll probably play a PS3 or PS4 game sometime in the future too. Hold up on the condescension please, it doesn't make you better than anyone to like one platform over another. You are entitled to your opinion of course, but you are not entitled to shame other people over enjoying something you don't enjoy. That's just pointless.
It's the equivalent of "You eat Cool Ranch? You ******* moron, obviously they paid you to eat Cool Ranch because only idiots eat Cool Ranch. I'm a Ruffles purist and your tongue should be ashamed of enjoying Cool Ranch. Go die in a fire."
No one paid us to play this game. We enjoyed it. We would have enjoyed it on any platform. Suggestions for fun games on any platform welcome in the comments! KISSESSSSSS!

wow who ever this woman is owed you ponys HARD
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Lol just the Sony fanboys working their magic. The good Sony fans aren't on here anymore.
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kennyynnoo posted...
Xeeh_Bitz posted...
Who the hell is Felicia Day?

Ditto, I'm an old man I'm guessing.

She;s the red haired chick form "the Guild" a Youtube show. It was pretty good while it lasted.
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