Felicia Day plays Xbone on Cooptitude and the YouTube comment section melts

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So the poll is currently at 62 to 38% and not a lot of people have explained why they voted like they did.
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Dudes are either giving her crap for playing Xbone, or either salivating over her being 'hot and playing games'.
Either way is gross.
Plus, YouTube comment sections are about 80% entitlement and 20% actual comments.
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jon davis pwns himself, I don't even have to respond anymore.
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CapwnD posted...
jon davis pwns himself, I don't even have to respond anymore.

Yeah cause saying pwns is still a thing.....

It's ok though i know you don't have a real answer, so you hide behind "pwning" people like a child.
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jon davis posted...
so you hide behind "pwning" people like a child.

This actually sounds like a lot of people I see on this site.
*Not aimed at anyone*
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stawg007 posted...
ROFLd posted...
Further proof that Sony fanboys are the WORST. Makes me glad they've been downgraded to junk status and are selling businesses left and right to make ends meet.

There's nothing wrong with Sony, Sony are awesome

It's their God awful fanboys that I despise and they're only getting worse

I despise all fanboys but in my experience, Sony are by far the worst, they make PC elitists look good

This is exactly how I feel.
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Well I guess the final results are in.

With 62% of the vote and by the law of the internets, Felicia Day has been proven innocent of all charges.
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Would make love to felicia.
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ClunkerSlim posted...
I think Felicia is just a really excitied sister who thinks she got her brother the ultimate gift. That's why she mention it so many times at the beginning. She's just generally thrilled to have given it to him. I think we've just become so cynical by this point that we see her actual excitement as an attempt at product placement.

I've been in the Marketing business a looooooooooooooooong time, and the beginning of that Youtube piece - the first time I've ever heard of or watched "Cooptitude" by the way - is right out of Advertising 101.

Mention the product name repeatedly, drilling the brand into the viewer's brain with smiles and happy dialogue.

I had actually forgot that Day was in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." I had to look that up on Youtube too. She looked really different back then. She has always seemed to be a straight-forward person so I would tend to believe her claims about no advertising money coming her way from Microsoft. But if it were, she couldn't admit that without losing a good portion of her fans. There's also the fact that her 5 minute show "The Guild" did get heavy promotion by MS on the 360 several years ago that cannot be over-looked either.

Still, this really doesn't qualify as good conspiracy level stuff. :)
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Tomorrow is another new Cooptitude!
We'll see what happens!