I can see GameStop go out of business sooner than later.

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I don't think that it will be soon but I do believe that the number of stores will dwindle slowly but steadily. Ultimately Gamestop's current business model is numbered.
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pepsiboy95620 posted...
Recently I made a topic how there's ways GameStop can survive, but honestly after going to my local GameStop I think they will be gone pretty soon. They should really be a all games store and focus on games old and new.(BTW they should have never got rid of old system games people still buy them) but today as I went in to trade in 2 games I see signs everywhere acting as if they give you a lot of credit for used games. So I take Ryse and Need for Speed Rivals, what did they offer me? 35 dollars... Yes 35 dollars for games they are selling ea for 50 to 45 used. That wasn't even the price of one used game!!!!

I told them what about the bonus credit and for being a pro member? Nope none of that mattered. I just told them no thanks I'll go to best buy and I went there and they give me 55 dollars credit.

Its so sad to see an actual game store get beat badly by a store that's only half games and doesn't have to focus only on that. So for that I don't mind if GameStop dies, if they do it will be by their own wrong doing.

It's simple supply and demand. If gamestop as a company has 15 copies of Pre-Owned Ryse and Need for Speed in each of their stores because they were launch titles, why would they continue paying top dollar for games that people aren't buying anymore? It's like Madden. I have seen how many copies of Madden 13 they have in their inventory and people still complain that they only get 2 bucks. Really?! For a 2 year old game that they have thousands of copies? Yeah. 2 bucks. If the customer doesn't like it they can try to sell it online for $20. But will it ever sell?
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joeskeletor posted...
With walmart starting trade ins and the growing online market gamestop is all but dead they just announced thier refocus on the cellphone market but thats a to lillte to late endevoure.

Walmart getting in on used sales just means there's still money that area to be had. It may decrease the amount of traffic Gamestops get but it won't put them out of business since they do more than sell used games. Other retailers have been selling/buying used games for years, this has only cause Gamestop to be a little stinger in trade-in values, mark games up higher, and highly incentivize their membership plan. Which just means competition has kept Gamestop from being a monopoly and kept the market open.

As for the mentality that nothing lives forever, that is true but businesses don't live. Gamestop, EBGames, Funcoland, etc have all gone through several changes to stay competitive in a market they more or less created. Adding small/mobile electronics to their list of products is a reasonable business decision that gives them more diversity and flexibility. It is not a sign of weakness when a business readily moves with market trends. It is just plain not being dumb.
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gamestop is not what it used to be... Im glad they are out
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If gamestop goes under I will cry :( I love gamestop
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The people at my EB games are awesome people, but I hate EB Games as a company and I hope they go down hard.
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thasnipermaster posted...
The people at my EB games are awesome people, but I hate EB Games as a company and I hope they go down hard.

The solution would be for another company or store to replace Gamestop.
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Jx1010 posted...
gamestop is not what it used to be... Im glad they are out

Out of what?
No matter where I look Gamestop is still in business.
You people have some insanely overactive imaginations.
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I see your point, TC, but I don't think they would.
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"Hurr durr a company expands its selection of products and services to make more money. Must be going out of business" -GFAQs logic

Please dear god I hope none of you try to start a business.

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