Amazing Spider-Man 2 up on Xbox One marketplace now.

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All of the people on here said it would never be released and couldn't be ran on the xbox one. what happened? were they wrong? cant be!

So, finally back from under your rock?

too busy back playing battlefield, dont worry E3 will be monumental for MS
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Xeeh c'mon man, you know that pc games are cheapers because you guys are cheap and won't buy anything full price other than your hardware and if its full price then you'll just illegally download it so pubs have to make games cheaper in the platform to combat that.
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Poor b0ne. =(((

Always the minimum amount of effort from you. Please try harder.

Based on your reacting, I think his effort was enough to get to you.
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hey necro how're those buckets of tears you collected? have your eyes dried yet?
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Any impressions yet, or has this thread been derailed?
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and then the mouse saw InjusticeReborn and stopped in its tracks, a bigger troll it had never seen, not opinion but fact


How funny for you to be throwing a word like that around...

Why so worked up they've got you in a nutshell friend?
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