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gotta love all the people who think they are sherlock holmes because they know wrestling is fake, then they just spam "fake and g@y" on anything wrestling related. it would be like going to the movies and just screaming out "OH MY GOD EVERYONE DID YOU SEE HOW FAKE THAT WAS?! YOU'RE ALL BRAINLESS FOR COMING TO TO SEE THIS MOVIE AHAHAHAH!!" the bottom line is, we all know it's fake, but we watch it for entertainment. nobody wants to hear that guy in a movie theater, nobody wants to hear that guy here.

but its not entertaining, it moronic. like demolition derbies or hot dog eating contest. and just like a hot dog eating contest its border line something else too, but im not going to say it because i dont want to offend anyone.

Aww, come on over to the tickle bear, you need some tickles, to get rid of that disposition?