Can I set Vudu to download movies, or at least watch movies in SD?

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I was using the Vudu app for the first time on the Xbox One last night. I have it on my phone and tablet, so I was expecting a certain degree of flexibility for viewing methods. On those apps, you can download the films to your device for later viewing when offline, or if you want to stream them you can watch them in standard definition.

But the Xbox One version of the app doesn't seem to have such options. I can only check out my collection and watch it in the highest-quality available. But my connection isn't strong enough nor am I stingy enough to care about the quality of the video, to warrant using the HDX or HD streaming options.

So is there a way to stream Vudu movies in standard-definition? Or download the movies from my collection for offline use?
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Anyone able to help? :(
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Can't download for offline use. Your collection can only be played at what it says. If HDX that's all you can do.

Any future purchases or rentals on there you can choose between HDX, HD, and SD.

Before you purchase an HDX it will let you try the first couple minutes to see if your speed is good enough.
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Thank you a lot for the help :)

So if I add more movies to my collection, but not through this Xbox One app, will I still be restricted?
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The only console with a VUDU app that can download is PS3. So no, you are not restriced, just certain mediums (i.e tablets, bluray players, pcs, media players) have certain restricts. Not sure why only the PS3 can.

My Nexus 7.2 lets me as well.