Can Any1 explain what does "Reassurance Topic" means?

#21BeefEasterPosted 4/29/2014 2:35:42 PM(edited)
well, what the definition of "reassurance"?
(something that is said or done to make someone feel less afraid, upset, or doubtful)

now what's the definition of "topic"?
(someone or something that people talk or write about)

put the two together and that's a "reassurance topic"
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#22DarkAdonis123Posted 4/29/2014 2:42:54 PM
Heracylost posted...
It's where people try and put a positive spin on negative things.

This. It has nothing to do with trolls. It's when regardless of how bad the news is, some ridiculous fanboy tries to convince everyone that it's somehow a good thing.
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