Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are way behind PC gaming in digital distribution.

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ZGMF_600_Guaiz posted...
I agree that most of the times the sales can be bad, but I do have seen at least a couple of interesting sales on the PSN recently:

A bunch of classic and indie games at 99 cents each (including 3 normally costing $20):

The current Golden Week sale:

On the later on-going sale, there's Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, which came out just two months ago, already discounted from $40 to just $10. Same happened to Battle of Z, which came out only 3 months ago and which has been discounted from $60 to $15, PS3 version, and from $40 to $10, Vita version.

Microsofts got nothing on that.

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Why are people acting as if PC games don't release at $60?
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Didn't read through the topic but my guess would be retailers pressuring/paying them not to have discounted prices because it would take a cut out of their profits. Steam didn't see any profit from B&M sales so they can discount all they want.
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suitup19 posted...
PSN has a weekly deals, random sales, flash sales, publisher sales, seasonal sales, etc. PlayStation plus also gets you free games every month. PSN is no steam but you can't deny they aren't giving an effort to compete. Microsoft and Nintendo on the other hand are pretty terrible.

Why buy off PSN when Amazon is much cheaper? PSN hardly has anything on sale, yeah once in a while, not often as you think especially if you are looking for a particular game. Besides I would never trust Sony.
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AwayFromHere posted...
Why are people acting as if PC games don't release at $60?

Because sometimes they don't. Check Amazing spider man 2 on steam.
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