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Man, how do gamers still stay interested in Player vs. Player in FPS games?
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Destiny Beta is still up.AgentLocke17/27 3:01PM
Let's just adopt "xbro"
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My GameStop is sold out of all Destiny editions for the XOne except the Standard
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Did Bungie Say if the Digital Guardian Edition of Destiny would be on Xbox One?ozran17/27 1:44PM
This console cycle isn't a sprint it's a marathon ( remember is Xbox fans)
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ShadowNinja87237/27 1:43PM
Destiny is good for campaign, but I dont like mp, anyone else?
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skermac367/27 1:29PM
Destiny vs Evolve which fancy ya interests more?zerooo077/27 12:56PM
So have the August games with gold been announced yet?Boogieonover77/27 12:50PM
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