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Why can't we pre-order digitally yet?Charity_Diary47/29 12:58AM
Does Destiny play a lot like the Borderlands games?
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IceHusky187/29 12:35AM
Kinect is terrible
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L0Z207/28 11:31PM
Is it true that 343 is making Halo 5s multiplayer closer to Halo 3s?
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BlackFeathers197/28 11:12PM
XBOX ONE Guacamole: Known issues and possible work arounds.Laylow1217/28 10:43PM
Destiny is cool but........chedibang199487/28 10:07PM
Best Buy has $25 code on sale for $20MurryEB_Alt167/28 9:59PM
Watch Dogs 2 pretty much confirmed by Ubisoft....
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That_Damn_Kid147/28 9:38PM
Few digital sales this week popping upkennyynnoo67/28 9:21PM
Did Microsoft pay GameFAQs to put a "Buy" option on the Xbox One board? O_o
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PhaseBlack237/28 9:14PM
Blimey, XBROS! Microsoft's Cortana to Sport a British Accent in the UK!!
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Solnot267/28 9:13PM
If you could start a band with any video game character?slippertails47/28 9:00PM
Gamers just want new experiences
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ADHDguitar347/28 8:51PM
'Mass Effect 4' release date: PS4 and XBOX ONE versions to be released in 2015!!
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Solnot257/28 8:41PM
Do screen shots determine your purchases now? (Poll)
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TaurenStrength137/28 8:35PM
Destiny Tower, social area needs more players in ituniquebadger57/28 8:23PM
Killer Instinct Classic 2 for XBOX ONE revealed by Game Rating Board, XBROS!Solnot67/28 8:16PM
I really wish Destiny was an early summer release.uniquebadger57/28 8:15PM
Lightning Returns is listed for Xbox One?
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SuperSuikoden247/28 8:09PM
whats everyone playing while waiting for new games to come out?
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Syn_Vengeance247/28 8:01PM