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Shadow of mordor or lords of fallen
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D4 Review gets 9/10
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My X1 was struck by lightning, is there any way to get it replaced/repaired?
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TPP new 20 min amazing gameplay demo Africa, TGS.
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some games wont load, just goes back to the dashboard
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Is that dating sim RPG coming to Xbox One?
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Are the Sunset and Call of Duty console bundles going to just be a slipcover?
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Just dumped my copy of Destiny on Gamestop, $20 loss isn't a total loss at least
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Xeeh_Bitz369/19 4:01AM
Battlefield Hardline Introduces the Hotwire Multiplayer ModeThat_Damn_Kid29/19 3:57AM
Anyone else not have an Xbox One yet, but don't want to buy games for the 360?TheMooMan49/19 3:38AM