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Even Bungie couldn't avoid crushed blacks
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velvet_hammer367/23 1:39PM
Which Wii U exclusive do you wish was coming to Xbox One? (Poll)Megamushroom66627/23 1:30PM
Too late to get a beta code?shotty_MUFC37/23 1:20PM
anyone interested The Crew has Beta on pc on twitchkennyynnoo17/23 1:18PM
Question please?drdweeb77/23 1:16PM
A beta code would be nice...Tech12s27/23 1:11PM
Which was the biggest exclusivity loss: FF or Bungie? (Poll)
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XanthielX447/23 1:10PM
A mod posted this topic on the PS4 board.DmanTee27/23 1:09PM
Anyone else keep losing internet connection?bridog34617/23 1:06PM
Wanting to trade my destiny xbox one beta code for a PC The Crew Beta CodeMushlikeahusky17/23 12:58PM
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris - December 9th
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cheezedadada137/23 12:58PM
This song sums up the console war better than anythingiamdanthaman77/23 12:57PM
Wow, shocked right now honestly
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theREALsheridan727/23 12:55PM
Destiny vs the last 2 Halos (Poll)velvet_hammer37/23 12:52PM
BIG NEWS: STAR WARSBATTLEFRONT not tied to Ep7 EA prefers release to be closezerooo057/23 12:51PM
Need Destiny Beta codes
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GladiatorDanger197/23 12:51PM
So do the new SKU's without Kinect have the Operating System on them?
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unclekoolaid73137/23 12:48PM
Son races deceased father's ghost in Xbox racer, makes internet cry
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TBONE_OG177/23 12:46PM
ModMic + Astro Mixamp + Headset HelpKoolKid2K457/23 12:44PM
Is anyone else getting extremely slow download speeds off of Xbox Live right nowsteelix5527/23 12:43PM