Xbox One China Launch Month announced

#11necrogodomegaPosted 4/30/2014 11:34:50 PM
Duke_of_Nuke posted...
Ada-Wong-Fan posted...

Why even release in China? If you've seen the restrictions China put forth on games like 95% of them will be banned from stores. Seems a bit pointless.

This is totally what all of us that LIVE in China have been talking about forever. Why would Microsoft care? Hell, nearly all PCs here still run on pirated Windows XP SP1. What game could possibly come to China?

Sex, nudity, racism (against China or it's allies like Russia or N. Korea), blood, violence (beyond Dynasty Warriors style), sexuality, sexy clothing...I mean the list is fragging endless. Only sports and racing will really be legally released.

Of course we always get imported games from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and EU/USA. But if this Xbox is region locked to like only China or Asia...well it will be amazing if anything is ever sold.
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