Developer American McGee gives 5 reasons why Xbox One will fail in China

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American McGee's right. Anyone who seriously believes that either Microsoft or Sony will sell a lot of consoles in China are living in a fairy tale world.
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Lol can you even list 5 relevant or good American McGee games/
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necro00 posted...
Lol can you even list 5 relevant or good American McGee games/

How is that relevant to what he's saying about the Xbone?
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dnmt posted...
necro00 posted...
Lol can you even list 5 relevant or good American McGee games/

How is that relevant to what he's saying about the Xbone?

meaning he has as much credibility as the man on the moon
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McGee is totally right. It's not a debate at all.

I also live in China, just near Shanghai (which is part of the wealthiest area of China) and no
one here would think to buy a "real" Xbox, PS, or anything else. Why should they? They can't
play any real games on it without being censored to crap. Hacked consoles are everywhere on Taobao and local shops so why should they care of an "official" release.

McGee isn't wrong at all. People disagreeing with him cause he hasn't made any games they
liked are not really paying attention to the actual market that is China. China is home of the mobile
phone game market and MMOs that are F2P and P2Win. China loves things like that.
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Thought I'd offer some insight as I've lived in China for 4 years.

First off the 'All Piracy, all the time' part isn't entirely true.

While most people definitely do pirate, enough dont to warrent having several authentic games vendors per city. I've had my legit ps3 and over 40 legit games, as well as 3ds (all imported from the US)

The reason it could succeed is because the Chinese elite (of which there are enough, even if they are vastly outnumbered by the lower class) will pay to play online. I teach a lot of rich kids, many of which have legit consoles (all ps3, noone has a legit 360 due to xbox live being too annoying to activate)

The fact is that a majority of families earn less than 500$ a month. Those families aren't gonna be dropped 500$ on a console and 60$ on a single game. They are not the target audience. The target audience are far richer than You and I (genrally speaking of course) and they will shell out. That said here are the two reasons why I think it will struggle:

1. Censorship. Anyone who thinks the Chinese aren't aware that all of their stuff is censored is wrong. Everyone knows, and VPNs are becoming more and more common. The government cant keep up with the blocking at the pace people work around them. That said, why are people gonna buy games that are censored from Chinese stores, when they can as easily go to import stores like they do currently? They wont.

Interesting aside, the Chinese Government just this week banned the Big Bang Theory, which is by far one of the most popular western shows amongst the Chinese. Does that mean they wont watch it? hell no! they'll just go to unofficial sources. Life finds a way.

2, the internet infrastructure sucks, big time. I say this as I'm waiting 50 minutes for a 130mb patch to download. Playing games online is usually fine, sans sports and fighting games, but downloads are painful.
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Ironman06 posted...
The piracy and censorship arguments kind of cancel each other out, don't they?

They actually support each other more. Would you rather buy an official copy of a heavily censored game (if its available at all), or get a pirated version that has the same content the rest of the world gets?
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China sounds exactly like the united states in the 30s-50s. made like 50 cents a hour and manufactured everything for the world and had moral people and prosperity for a large middle class.
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