Seems like MS is the only one holding strong

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How is 1.5 million bigger than 7 million again?
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AkumaOutsider posted...
The fool .com

TC. Stop being so utterly idiotic.

pot calling the kettle black? Do you even know what is?
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Winternova posted...
AkumaOutsider posted...
The fool .com

TC. Stop being so utterly idiotic.

You've really never heard of The Motley Fool before? How old are you?

^ exactly this.
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Lmfao, yeah Sony wants out of the console market even though it's currently one of its most profitable divisions..
Think I'll take two chickens.
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Here are some other articles you may find interesting:
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^Wonder how TC will respond to that, since he likes to use so much.
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regsantotomas posted...
This topic is why we can't have nice things

Yeah... it is...
Gamefaqs users in one article:
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tc is doing NOTHING to help the reputation of XONE fans...
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MS is holding strong? XBone is getting spanked by the PS4, and is even behind the Wii U in WW sales. Titanfall didn't do anything for it, either.

The gap between XB1 sales and Wii U sales will only get bigger when MK8 comes out.

Wiiu launched a year before and is dying even in its own home country .

Xbox is in 13 countries vs the ps4s 55 and xbox isnt that far behind in US considering it costs 20% more.

TF outsold infamous with a smaller install base.

Xbox division was profitable yet again while Sony is dying.

and people are already done talking about titanfall except to make weak posts like that one.
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ok well Nintendo refuted the rumor, so i'll admit being wrong on that one.
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