The last 10 topics are all analyzing Microsoft as a business

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It may be because I have some of the known trolls ignored, but this board isn't as bad as it was. I don't understand why more people don't use the ignore feature, none of the trolls want to have a legit discussion so why even bother hearing what they have to say?

I dont because it feels like a cop out. Apart from that it's kind of nice to see the kind of people i wont be running into on xbox live.
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Not true.

I just made a topic asking why games weren't being made for the Xbox One.

Which is really kind of dumb, since you know they obviously are.

Actually a lot of multiplatform games just don't reach the Xbox One anymore.

Third party support is drying up.

Take Bound by Flame, coming out this month on PC, PS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360.

Or Tropico 5, also coming out this month on PC, PS 4, Xbox 360.

The devs didn't get the X1 dev kits in time for bound by flame. They wanted to stay on schedule