Phil Spencer on Xbox One at E3: "It's only going to get better"

#21scoobydoobydontPosted 5/3/2014 8:24:26 AM
Just like I thought in my Grave topic on the PS4 board, Sony fans apparently only care about indies when it comes to list wars, not when an actual indie needs support. It's a generalization sure, but one with lots of supporting evidence, clearly. How sad. I think a lot of indies who don't sign on to give their game away free are going to discover how hollow the Sony fanbases support really is, and that's going to suck for them.
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It is funny when trolls say PS4 does not have games.

A person lists a bunch of the games on the PS4 (3rd Party, First Party, Independent).

And they say the PS4 does not have any good games, like they need to be told by marketing what is and what is not good. Titanfall was supposed to part the sea, and it was just another undercooked, overhyped game that undelivered on expectations. Now, the trolls go back to saying the PS4 has no games because this is PS4s generation.

They won it in November of 2013.
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Phil Spencer on Xbox One at E3: "It's only going to get better".

Well, when you hit rock bottom there's nowhere else to go but up as they say.

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