What can Microsoft announce to counter Demon Souls 2 (Project Beast)

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Fable is a joke. Kids play
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Nothing. The NeoGAF leak thread already has 1.1 million views. The hype train for a next-gen game utilizing the Souls engine and taking it to the next step has already taken off.
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30 days of COD
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Yeah guys if this is a Demon Souls part 2 Microsoft is in trouble!

Kinect Disneyland sold more then Demon Souls.

Speaking of sales, since the Xbox One is in trouble, has ceased production, may be discontinued and all that ...
Do you want a Xbox One day one edition ?

I got a day one edition. And when the Xbox One is available in other countries that only have the PS4 released in that region, they will want one as well.

And when you compare every country that has a PS4 and X1 released, PS4 is still outselling more, by far.
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The Souls games are for casuals.

And this is a bad thing?

What exactly is a casual (as opposed to a hardcore gamer, I assume)?
Someone worth less or more in a gaming community? Or to the publisher?

I was joking bro.

Yeah, I had a shared laugh about your comment. The casual gamer probably would give up before beating the Asylum Demon. Or if not, quickly after when they wander the wrong way and find themselves getting on shotted in the catacombs.

Dark Souls is many things. Casual is not one of them. I still have nightmares about Ornstein & Smough.
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