Feel Bad for MLB fans who own xbone

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tj5921 posted...
Or I'm just curious how fellow MLB fans who picked the other console feel about not having a proper title to play on their new system.

tj5921 posted...
I'm sure there's more who feel the opposite. So meh to you.

Claiming that you're making a topic to get other people's opinions, and then bashing their opinion when it differs from yours makes it look like you were just trolling to begin with.
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The show has never been a huge seller, so honestly I doubt MS will have a counter for it.


Has any game in the series reach over a million units sold?

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BushidoEffect3 posted...
Since when was the show exclusive to PS? I don't like baseball or know about it.

and why?

If that's the case FIFA should only be on the PS platform then as ps is more popular in Europe.
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il_capitano posted...
Well, outside the US no one cares about Baseball, so i guess nothing of value is lost here.

^ Has never heard of a place called Japan.

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I've never been a gaming sports fan.

When I want to play baseball or football I'll get a bunch of my buddies together and hit the field for real.

Sports games never appealed to me. I guess it's because I always played them outside as a kid growing up.
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Feel bad for sony fanboys that spend their spare time here.

If mlb games were selling ea or acti would be on it already.
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It is very unfortunate. The only Playstation exclusive I have any interest in. It hurt having to play those MLB 2K games for years. They were horrible.
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Any news on RBI release day yet?
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The Show has been clearly the best baseball series and exclusive to Sony platforms for years. I know this and I don't even like baseball. Anyone that actually cares enough about baseball for that to factor into their console choice would not be surprised at all.
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It does suck though, and this is why I hate those damn exclusivity deals in sports titles.

There is no exclusive deal. Anyone can make a MLB game now. 2K had exclusive third party rights but that is over with now. I wouldn't be shocked to see Microsoft make an MLB game in the future as an answer to The Show. It's pretty embarrassing that they don't have a real MLB game on what is supposed to be an American console.

Oh okay. I know 2K had a third party exclusive deal. I am just taken back that they decided to can MLB2K completely. So that means no baseball sim for my XB1 this year. That really blows though. Honestly I highly doubt Microsoft would make a baseball game. They killed their sports efforts off back on the original Xbox. Remember XSN? They shut that down back in 2004.

Sony has axed most of their sports efforts too especially in the PS2 era. PS3 era they canned their NBA franchise after 09. The only reason their MLB game still exists is because it's been the best on the market for years, and is still well received. Otherwise they probably would have canned it too. I guess it's working out pretty well for them now though. They get 100% of the baseball sim sales this year.
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