YOUR TV setup; can you tell the difference between 720p/1080p?

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I can absolutely tell the difference between my HD cable and a movie on Bluray. Topics like this are so ridiculous. There is absolutely a clear difference.

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I have perfect vision. The difference in resolution is minor to the point that it is not really noticeable. At this level the difference in image sharpness is small. The biggest difference is the widescreen forrmat. The widescreen switch is a noticeable change but not a big deal.

I game on a 52 " 1080p plasma

I am surprised because everything looks like crap on a plasma.

Plasma by far offers a better picture than every other flat panel display other than OLED... especially Panasonic Plasma screens.

LED and LCD offer nothing better than Plasma other than brightness. Colors, contrast, response time, and even input lag is going to be better on Plasma than LCD or LED. Check this out:
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Judging from this topic would it be best to use the xbone with a CRT tv then? You wouldn't be able to notice the resolution difference at all.
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Yes of course I can. Even at a distance where individual pixels are unrecognizable at 720p, there is a very noticeable blur to the image. And this can be noticeable for quite a distance away, further than 18 feet for me.
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