E3 2013 MS announced 12 Xbone exclusives to PS4s 1 - What will it be this year..

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And the PS4 is still selling almost double the amount of ONES. Interesting indeed.

Dumb parents buy there kids anything...

Your parents need to buy you a dictionary.

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You acted like Sony didn't announce anything else before and after E3.



And Driveclub is being reworked because the game was crap and Uncharted was merely teased. Naughty Dog themselves said they game won't show up until 2015.


Not to mention how many people have left Naughty Dog in the past few months? I wouldn't be surprised if Uncharted 4 turns out like the Last Guardian.
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MS ignored us 360 users for a couple of years. They held onto games for X1 and this was the best they had? I wouldn't count on MS to deliver alot of content down the line during the X1's life.


Most of those PS3 exclusives were timed. Here's how it looks today.

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Counting PS4 games that also appear on Vita as "not exclusive" doesn't make you seem bitter or jealous at all, Lol. .

I think you're more angry at Sony than me for porting games to another platform like the Vita TV console. Exclusives are exclusives and Sony has few.

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All these lists seem heavily biased, either including non exclusives for one side, or ignoring indies while counting kinect shovel ware, or including games not even announced.

let's look at it what each console has and what's coming in terms of actual big games:

Forza 5
Dear Rising 3
Killer instinct
Sunset Overdrive
Quantum Break
Halo 5

Killzone Shadowfall
The Order: 1886
Drive Club
Deep Down

Now if you wanna add the rumored games that haven't been announced but we know are coming:

Gears of War
Forza Horizon 2

Project Beast
Dark Sorcerer (Quantic Dream)
Level 5's RPG

This whole topic after topic of biased lists isn't fooling anyone, both are pretty even in the number of exclusives they have so far in terms AAA productions.

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Halo 5
Gears of War 4
Forza 6
Halo Wars 2
Gears of War Judgement 2
Forza Horizon 2
Kinect Sports Rivals 2
Halo ODST 2
Ryse Son of Rome 2
Dead Rising 4


Knack 2 (lol)
Driveclub or as i like to call it Delayclub
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And the PS4 is still selling almost double the amount of ONES. Interesting indeed.

It's pretty baffling how all the sheep fall in line, just because the whole internet claim it's the more powerful system.

Give things a year or 2 when the PS4 turns out like Wii and just collecting dust, because of a **** game library.

Is this your first console generation? When it comes to game library at the end of the generation, Sony ALWAYS WINS BABY! YOU CAN'T BEAT SONY!
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