Anyone Else Thinking Of Switching Over To PS4?

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To play what game?

XB1 + 3DS = WIN

360 + PS3 + P.C + Vita + 3DS + PS4 = WIN for me. Yet to want an X1.

I'd rather have more money and more of a life. Unless you are actually playing all of those, which would take up some serious time, it's not worth the cash flow. For what anyway... a couple exclusives LOL. No thanks. PS has no exclusives I'd play, XBOX has a ton and Mario leads the way with nostalgia throwbacks and great platformers. I get it all with 2 systems why do I need 5 of them and a PC? I do have a Wii collecting dust though.

More of a life?

Lol, you're here running defense 24/7.

No one in their right mind would take your claim of having a life seriously at this point, fella.

Wait you come here on your free time? LOL... I just browse here occasionally during downtime/lunch at work. Never at home.
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