why does the ps4 get so much praise, and why does the Xbox one get bashed?

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Is this topic really necessary, no matter what order you put the consoles in? Everything that has happened between both consoles since May of last year answers this question.
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Because this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbWgUO-Rqcw
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suzukimatsui posted...
lol at tc saying PS4 supposedly has no games.....

That's what Xbox fans say. But then you mention warframe, outlast, infamous, killzone, superior multi-plats, f2p games and PlayStation plus games, and more games on the way like planetside 2, rime, deep down and the order.

I don't know why Xbox fans think that way..
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There are currently plenty of games out especially for the PS4 both in the US and in Japan


Albeit these games CAN be played on other systems, regardless though they are available on the PS4.
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shut up.

xbox fanboys are disgusting.
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Is no one else lol'ing at lilj's fantasy?

That put a smile on my face. Thanks lilj
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Go back to april and may of 2013 to get your answers.
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from my experience with Kinect 2.0 I can say honestly it's not a selling point. If anything it is the opposite. the Kinect can barely track you. Motion games feel broken because the kinect doesn't know where you are. And sometimes it insists someone else is in the room with you. but Really it is just a poster or pile of laundry.. Sooner M$ drops the kinect the better.
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teeebz posted...
Is no one else lol'ing at lilj's fantasy?

That put a smile on my face. Thanks lilj

I guess I was more disturbed and ashamed, lol.
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Goregasm17 posted...
The same reason every popular kid in high school wears Abercrombie/Hollister/American Eagle. Not because they personally even care if they're wearing Abercrombie, or Tommy Hilfiger, but because all their friends and other popular kids are wearing Abercrombie/Hollister/American Eagle.

It's a spiral. The PS4 is spiraling upward and the Xbox One is spiraling downward.