Why Xbox is poised to make the PlayStation a niche product

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2 years ago#121
^This. PS4 console? $400 w/tax (it'll come up to about $425 from where I live).

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player? $85.00 at Amazon (link below):


Total? $510.
2 years ago#122
Smart boxes will do everything the XBOX one does at a fraction of the cost. They even will be able to play android games. Even new TV's will start to be smarter and more dynamic.

The PS4 does what it does and does it well. It will never be niche. The One will be nich if people "use" it primarily for TV purposes. Which main selling point does not even work in all territories.
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2 years ago#123
Kabuto_Y posted...
CKnight posted...
Those devices won't get Xbox exclusives.

The Xbox One is a gaming machine, smart tv and multi-media players and then some all in one box.

Sure they can go to a PC and have a less streamlined exp or buy multiple devices but why not get the Xbox One for $500.

They can buy a Roku box for a fraction of the price and get everything that isn't gaming without having to pay a monthly fee for the multimedia services.

They can also buy a Roku and a PS4 for still less than an Xbone, even before you calculate Gold.

The point of the thread is that the Xbone's capabilities are supposed to make the PS4 niche. But the people who have a ton of money can/already have smart TVs doing all of the multimedia features, and the cost-wary customer can get most of what it does for 20% of the price. And they could also get a multimedia device, AND a superior gaming console, for less than the Xbone, without the paywall for the multimedia.

If anything, the Xbone's target audience is niche, especially in the global (read: Non-US) market.

heh, i didn't even read your post and i nearly said the exact same thing as you -- just worded differently. But i guess not everything is so obvious to some people.
"There's No absolutes in life. Only in Vodka"
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