Why Xbox is poised to make the PlayStation a niche product

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Nice Blogfaqs entry.

And, no. The PS4 is going to continue to win this generation. The only way the Xbox One will catch up in any territory is for Microsoft sell them for $0.00.
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TC you bring up valid points but what you forget is the beverage customer is dumping MS faster than the titanic sunk. From Windows to their phones to Xbox.

Their integration is there but it sucks. Now if Apple made a console which had a good amount of power (it would because Apple) it would send both the x1 and ps4 into a downward trend. Apple has a great ecosystem...MS has skydrive.

Also if you think the ps4 isn't doing entertainment you are high. That market is very important. I expect e3 they will announce music playback/ps1/2 emulation/dlna/ and whatever that TV service was.
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After that first line TC.. you're insane. lol
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Apex-Player posted...
blitz_0623 posted...
Idk why TC didn't link it, kind of makes me think he wants everyone to think he actually wrote those 2 walls of text



Omg busted!!

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Poor TC.
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xbox gonna need FPS to save them again. we all know one of the reason X360 beat PS3 early was FPS game.
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no on everything you said
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TC is a scrub.
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nyannyan91 posted...
xbox gonna need FPS to save them again. we all know one of the reason X360 beat PS3 early was FPS game.

The only reason 360 beat PS3 early was releasing a year early.
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by "niche" do you mean "console gamers?"
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