will titanfall or battlefield 4 or EA do anything to come close to what COD AW i

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Actually, what did BF4 bring to the table that is worth talking about?

Is that levolution crap even used a lot?

Yes. It also has 64 player multiplayer in an open world type setting. Really standard stuff right

I've played BF2 on PC for a year back in its heyday, so yeah, pretty regular to me.

So that's it? That's the only thing to rave about?

They need to bring out 150 player battlefield if it hasn't been done already.

I played a game called joint operations typhoon rising and it had 150 player servers. This was back in 2004. One helluva game
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Battlefield 4 is still trying to work....

EA has nothing.
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Tc while the trailer looks nice for AW we know next to nothing about gameplay for single or mp so I say it's too early to be crowning them king
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has to offer. it seems all the buzz and hype this holiday is now COD AW. it will be the top game. so what will titanfall and bf4 or ea do now. or do they no care and titanfall was a one hit wonder.

COD fanboy much. It's ok, you can let that game die already.
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Why what does CoD AW bring new to the table?

well...considering we got fish AI in Ghosts, we may get bird AI in AW
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No but Destiny,Division,Evolve,Battlefront 3 can all chip away at it.
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EA will announce Battlefront.