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2 years ago#1
Just as my topic says, my xbox one is having a hard time reading xbox games, blu rays, etc. any time i change a disc it takes like 7 tries of eject, insert, eject, insert until it reads. It does not make noises, well just once yesterday it did the "weird" launch noise but after that it read the disc on the 7 th try.

What can i do about to fix this on my own. I read somewhere before about putting a disc and reset the console with unplugging or something like that, but cant find it anymore.

Or should i contact microsoft for an exchange? What benefits will it have if i send it? Would i be free of the launch problems? Thanks
2 years ago#2
Call support and talk to them about it
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2 years ago#3
Mine seemed to do that while that beta testing thing was going on(it still may be going on). But since the latest update it hasn't done it once and I've the day one edition
2 years ago#4
i do have the day one special edition too, I did all the updates too already but it keeps doing it.. I guess i'll do the hard reboot and see what happens, if nothing works I will have to contact support i guess. thanks, any more advice from you guys.?
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