call of duty:AW "lead platform not xbone, ps4 will be the definitive version"

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1 year ago#31
Sadly most xboner are delusional, its a fact that ps4 hardware is superior to xbone. That is why almost ALL multplat console games run best on ps4.
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1 year ago#32
billOriley posted...
kcypher2000 posted...
billOriley posted...
kcypher2000 posted...
ZAKDUDE posted...
Well unless they intentionally make the PS4 version worse or the same as XB1, then it will be better. The system is more powerful, so the game should look and run better. Why are people still surprised by this?

Then why cant the ps4 run ghosts at 60fps still? Oh wait fps doesnt matter then right?

Power of the cell!

ghost actually runs higher than 60fps frequently on the ps4......

By higher you mean lower. Because you know its been tested. Look up digital foundry. You are confused and ignorant basing your lack of info on the ps4 version pre 1080p patch.

DF did an analyis after the patch and its still lower. You are welcome for the free educational lesson.

there are tons of articles on this. This was directly qouted from one of the articles.

The PlayStation 4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at a higher frame-rate than 60 FPS "on a fairly frequent basis," according to a post on Eurogamer from the Digital Foundry.

I'm curious to see his reply to this post,but I'm pretty sure he won't return.
1 year ago#33
PS4 version will be better any one who believes otherwise is delusional. I don't play this crappy franchise, but just another feather in PS4's cap.

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1 year ago#34
Kcypher owned again. Poor kid.
1 year ago#35
Looks like l'll be getting it on the PS4 then.
1 year ago#36
DonaIdSterIing posted...
Kcypher owned again. Poor kid.

He's been told multiple times about the fps issue on ghosts (once by me), and yet he continues to bring it up again and again like he's completely forgotten. One of the most delusional fanboys I've ever met, not to mention he just flat out lies about things and never posts a source.

Must get along with HENTAIDOJI swimmingly.
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1 year ago#37
So this was supposedly "leaked" from someone on Sonygaf? Inb4 credibility issues.....
1 year ago#38
People really trying to say the PS4 version of Ghost isn't 60 FPS when it has also been proven that the Xbox One version that runs at half the resolution can't keep 60 FPS either.

Even DF proved that there are times when the Xbox One version also drops in frame rate. Both in single player and Multiplayer. The PS4 version just dropped more often. But after they patched both versions, it's about the same. PS4 still wins with significantly better resolution.
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1 year ago#39
LOL at using Thuway as the source of anything. He was wrong so often that they removed his "insider" tag at Neogaf. Then they banned his buddy Famousmortimer. Poor Sony fanboys. No reliable leakers.
1 year ago#40
yawn blah blah resolution that 90% of the population could barely tell apart and ignoring the inferior ps4 controller and the fact that microsofts dedicated servers curb stomp anything ps4 has WHICH IS WHAT ACTUALLY MATTERS.

man ps4 fanboys getting desperate.
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