call of duty:AW "lead platform not xbone, ps4 will be the definitive version"

#61Ryan-06Posted 5/6/2014 12:04:34 AM
Tomb Raider 60 FPS on PS4, not xbone.

but for COD, who cares tc? This crap is cross gen and so it's held back outright since Sledgehammer had to make it for 360 and PS3. It will be Ghosts all over again.
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billOriley posted...

if this turns out to be true, then i feel bad for ms because of the money the pay for timed dlc when the definitive version is gonna be on the rival console.

Sorry kid this information is false
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Shinobi120 posted...
josh924 posted...
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You`re all making complete fools of yourselves. If the ps4 is your thing go to the ps4 board and drool all over it. Doing it over here doesn`t make you look superior - it makes you look like rabid fanboys just as ridiculous as the "xbots" you`re attempting to lord over.

You can accuse all these Xbox fans of anything you want but if you dont even own a console and your hanging around its message mocking it and its fans you ultimately are the ones taking the cake for foolish fanboyism.

They're just insecure. I think of it like this; a guy (Sony fanboys) has a girlfriend (non-fanboy gamers) that he sees hanging out with a close guy friend of hers (people who own an Xbox One). How insecure does the guy have to be that he constantly has to remind his girlfriend about how her guy friend has "stupid hair" or that the guy friend "clearly" doesn't make as much money as he does?

What about Xbox fanboys that were constantly trolling the PS3 boards back when it was about 360 & PS3 throughout most of last generation? And constantly going on & on with the nonsense being, "LOL, Sony's going bankrupt," etc. just now?

It's well deserved karma.

This is the lamest logic in the book . "What about these guys who acted like idiots - now i get to act like an idiot" . Truly one of the sorriest excuses mankind has ever used for repeatedly perpetuating stupidity.
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archibald3 posted...
This is the lamest logic in the book . "What about these guys who acted like idiots - now i get to act like an idiot" . Truly one of the sorriest excuses mankind has ever used for repeatedly perpetuating stupidity.

I know. Just saying: Fact is, they put themselves in this **** in the first place. Now that the shoe's on the other foot, they want to cry & whine about it.

They need to get the **** out of here with that ****.
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Rocksteady has the right idea. Arkahm Knight is next gen console only. Said they wanted to harness the power and JUICE (cranberry) of both PS4 and xbone. COD is still not doing that.

Rocksteady decided early on in development to make Arkham Knight only for the then-upcoming next-generation of consoles, which was considered to allow them to focus on using the system resources to their fullest without reining in their ideas to accommodate the older generation systems.

Hopefully 2015 COD will be new consoles only.
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Isn't it common knowledge that any multiplat will be superior on the PS4? Do they really have to say this each time? It's just common sense.
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Kcypher owned again. Poor kid.

He's been told multiple times about the fps issue on ghosts (once by me), and yet he continues to bring it up again and again like he's completely forgotten. One of the most delusional fanboys I've ever met, not to mention he just flat out lies about things and never posts a source.

Must get along with HENTAIDOJI swimmingly.

Ghosts FPS goes above 60 fps so it slows down to a crawl? Makes sense.
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Kcypher? Where are you buddy?;)
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Dev445 posted...
"Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, known as “thuway” on NeoGAF"

XD yeah need I say more. Anyway the way he was talking he seem more like a fanboy than anything.

He is the MisterXmedia of Playstation.
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And hes right.