Describe the Xbox One in one word

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2 years ago#1
You either die a Chespin or live long enough to become Quilladin. - . -
3DS FC: 3351 - 4223 - 6174 ign: Paul, Shiny value 689
2 years ago#2
2 years ago#3
Every one has there own opinions unless theirs is stupid.
2 years ago#4
2 years ago#5
Ain't nutin to it, Gangsta rap made Yoda do it.
2 years ago#6
aaaHAA!! X800 XT PE
2 years ago#7
XBOX360/One GT: Hades Dragoness
I have Asperger's. If I sound harsh or rude please do not take it personally.
2 years ago#8
2 years ago#9


bahhhh ninja'd.

I guess I'll change my word to:

Top 10 Favorite games of all time (in order):
NIER, Zelda WW, Secret of Mana, Zelda OoT, Rainbow Moon, DAOC, MAG, Tachyon, Myst, The Last of Us
2 years ago#10
#1 at absolutely nothing!
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