Describe the Xbox One in one word

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2 years ago#231
"They'll just put the tools down if they want to do the drugs bad enough."
FFXIV Character
2 years ago#232
FF7 - 8.9
ff13 - 7.0 - Majority rules
2 years ago#233
2 years ago#234
PSN: PhD_Chemikill || XBL: PhD Chemikill
Official Manus Catalyst of the Dark Souls Board
2 years ago#235
hotmj023 posted...

Don't insult the Dreamcast.
2 years ago#236
MrSteez posted...

Based in yalls word choices it looks like 80% of you don't have the XB1. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE.

They're trolling because their console of choice doesnt have any games so they need something to do on a side note anyone else find it hilarious that their 2 biggest franchises are coming to the xbox one as well no longer making them exclusives? That could be another reason they troll so much
2 years ago#237
The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed.
"The silent voice within one's heart whispers the most profound wisdom." - Arcana II The Priestess
2 years ago#238
This thread is freaking hilarious...sad..but hilarious. I've enever seen so much hate on a thread before. It's amazing.
2 years ago#239
Wii U
2 years ago#240
gamer tag SteelWolf76: Wii U ID: steelwolf76 PSN:steelwolv76
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