Microsoft's game lineup is just as diverse as Sony's, creative director says

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Ah I love this time of year each of the big 3 hyping up their platforms for which us gamers win.
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Anyone with the time to look up their portfolios will know that's a lie.
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well as much as I love Xbox no not really The Last of Us is the only prime example
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Izraeil posted...
Anyone with the time to look up their portfolios will know that's a lie.

So there are no

fighting games
Action & Adventure
Etc and etc on the XBOX ?
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Well what else was he gonna say?

"No, I think Sony offers a more diverse game line up than us"
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#6TauriLeaderPosted 5/6/2014 10:53:26 AM
The lack of titles like Puppeteer, Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us and Journey on the platform over the last generation prove he is not telling the truth.
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Come on JRPG.
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Plus I think the real problem isn't that MS game studios doesn't make different games, it's the fact that majority of their sales come from just Halo and Gears. And it's because rest of their line up has no effort put into it and is mostly crap. While Sony has loads of games in different genres that are critically and commercially successful.
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Haha good joke.
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