Name the last xbox one game you just bought

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2 years ago#1
titanfall, starting to regret buying it.
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2 years ago#2
Uh.. the last game I got for my XO was Titanfall when it first released. I've barely played it at all though lol
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2 years ago#3
Rayman legends
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2 years ago#4
cod ghosts, only reason why i got it was because it was $20 on ms store so i couldn't pass that up
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2 years ago#5
Cod ghost as well, got it used from gamefly with a coupon for $17 and some change. Its the only game I bought so far.
2 years ago#6
Cod ghosts to play splitscreen with my wife, its decent for that.
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2 years ago#7
Child Of Light. Amazing game. I recommend any and all play it. However... the writing is beyond terrible. Everything else, including the all important gameplay, is fantastic though. :-)
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2 years ago#8
Child of Light, damn fine game too.
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2 years ago#9
TitanFall what a fun game.
2 years ago#10
Battlefield 4
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