EA Will Unveil A New Game For This Year And Six Others At E3

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1 year ago#1
On its year-end financial earnings call, EA announced that it will be unveiling a new game for release in 2014 at E3 this year during the publisher's press conference. We know from EA's accompanying slides that the title will be coming this fall. The game won't be a Need for Speed title though, as the company has confirmed that the series is getting an extended development cycle.

EA also says that it will be showing off six titles for future years at E3, of which we think one might be Mass Effect. With Medal of Honor out of the picture, EA is missing a fall shooter, and there are rumors that Visceral is working on something in addition to its Star Wars project.

Update: EA has confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront will be one of the titles shown off at E3 (and presumably its E3 press conference).

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1 year ago#2
and no one cared..
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1 year ago#3
I care. Mass Effect 4 and Knights of the Old Republic 3 please.
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1 year ago#4
we need def jam reboot
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1 year ago#5
What was the last popular new franchise or movie?

Because it will probably be a clone of that.
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1 year ago#6
Hockey, Golf, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Laser Tag, and T-ball for the Kinect
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1 year ago#7
rusty12000 posted...
and no one cared..

I care. I wanna see Battlefront.
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1 year ago#8
Well of course battlefront is going to be shown off. I just hope its good. There had better be a bot mode. Also I could see them unveiling another Star Wars project. It's pretty obvious visceral is working on one. I would LOVE to see them do a death troopers game. I mean they have the experience with dead space. It's such a good book.
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1 year ago#9
jovhany11 posted...
we need def jam reboot

As long as it's nothing like the one on 360 and ps3. Either way. Don't see it happening the last one was terrible.
1 year ago#10
All sports games.
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