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I Was Just Wondering If Ubisoft RB6 Siege DLC Exclusive XB1 Like Past RB6 TitlesHARDCORE110715/21 1:49PM
Microsoft should be punished for lying instead of acting like it never happened.
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AftComet1035/21 1:34PM
Windows 10 "trial" available (Closed)MrImpatient3545/21 1:12PM
90 minutes until Need for Speed 2015's unveiling...
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Solid Sonic395/21 1:06PM
Any way to turn console off, but keep controller on?
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Charity_Diary145/21 12:47PM
CD Projekt tackles The Witcher 3 downgrade issue head on
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quincy2000a295/21 12:36PM
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Game of Thrones ep. 4: "Sons Of Winter" is next week - Trailer inside.cheezedadada95/21 12:15PM
Does the xbox one still have to read the disc after the game is installed?Natural_Science55/21 11:50AM
i do have one issue with The Witcher 3, why is the font so damn small???FTWWholeFnShow55/21 11:49AM
Does anyone in europe have the tv tuner adapter?Jonbazookaboz55/21 11:36AM
MS should let us save our videos to a flash drive or something.vayne14525/21 11:14AM
Why do you think 7th/Current Gen dropped Keyboard + Mouse support for consoles?Buraddobon105/21 10:26AM
Hellraid not releasing in 2015 - Not meeting developer's expectations...cheezedadada55/21 9:51AM
Mister Xbox One walks down the street.
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GunningSoul165/21 9:43AM
Xbox one white bundle w/ halo release date?NinjaGamer_2335/21 9:11AM
Western Digital HD'sTMS_55/21 9:08AM
Impressions from the Elder Scrolls Beta?
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johnearts355/21 8:54AM
How can you get into the preview program?Sebastian95man45/21 8:16AM